Federal Budget 2023-2024 – An Ezi ExplanationBack

On May 10, 2023
While the Labour Government focuses their attention on providing relief on the cost of living and stablising the economy, Salary Packaging FBT Exemptions remain unchanged for 2023-24.


Amidst a globally felt, uncertain economy with consistent rises in the cost of living and a slowing economy, the Labour Government has directed their attention specifically to:

- Cost of living relief

- Kickstarting the economy

- Keeping Australia’s economy stable against our global counterparts

The main focus of the budget is to mitigate the risk of possible recession and ease the pains of inflation, the highest inflation that Australians have experienced in 40 years.

One of the major spending decisions comes as an $11.3 billion dollar investment into increasing aged care workers’ wages.

When it comes to our own personal income tax rates, they have remained unchanged for 2023-24.

Salary packaging FBT exemptions remain unchanged for 2023-24 giving you peace of mind that the tax savings you are currently receiving will undergo no changes at all.

If you are looking to pay less tax and make the most of your salary packaging arrangement, or interested in signing up and taking part in the Eziway experience, please do not hesitate to call our Head Office, or submit your enquiry via the website.



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