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On October 27, 2021
Maintaining your competitive edge can be the difference to your long-term survival.

That statement has more relevancy now that COVID has challenged business norms. Those businesses that step outside the box and employ an innovative approach have thrived. They have not feared change in culture or methodology. It has kept their business models relevant, encouraged innovation and led to better opportunities.


One considerable influence on the success of your business are the people you have around you, your staff.


Former Chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation, Anne M. Mulcahy said. “Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's mission”.


COVID restrictions have afforded companies an opportunity to demonstrate the truth of those words. For many this has necessitated taking advantage of advanced technologies. As an example, we have been forced to think of creative ways to stay connected. Technologies such as Online Video Conferencing software have ensured staff communicate with each other, not only for business, but for the purpose of maintaining personal relationships. Progressive businesses have utilised such technologies to reinforce social connection for the mental health and wellbeing of employees.


In Eziway’s experience, another technology that has the power to influence staff is the implementation of Salary Packaging. Why describe Salary Packaging as a technology?


Video conferencing is an outcome of technology. Programs such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams determine their success. Ease of use, reliability and accompanying support services are measures we use to determine their viability.


The same principle applies to Salary Packaging. It is true that Salary Packaging is the outcome, but the technology behind such a system has a significant bearing on the success of implementation. As with all technology, the same measures are applied. How user friendly is the system? Is the software reliable and does it deliver as promised? Are ongoing support services available for every employee?


A well implemented Salary Packaging system results in the best possible employee experience. Providing greater impetus for staff to remain loyal and committed while contributing positively to your business. As Anne M. Mulcahy quoted above  “You want to attract and retain the best”.


What has been the experience for those that use Eziway Salary Packaging?


“Exceptional service and customer relations… staff have been very pleased” – El Bennett, Melville Cares.


“We were very keen on getting someone on board that really understood salary packaging, who were very diligent and had good systems and processes. Eziway have delivered on that very, very well. A lot more staff have been joining than we had previously, which has been a real positive thing for us. The ease of systems and information that staff can access, the ease of information to us as well... has been a positive” Michael Rasheed – Southern Cross Care (SA NT & Vic) Inc


“Eziway has made it easier for employees to set up… anytime our employees need something it is simply an email or a phone call and their enquiries are answered straight away. Complaints have reduced. Times before we could wait on the phone for an hour, now with just three rings on the phone someone has answered the call… most emails are answered within a day… before we could wait a week for an email reply” Cathy Hibben – RAAFA (Air Force Association (WA Division) Incorporated).


These comments are supported by the following key facts, taken during the height of the national response to the Covid epidemic.


June 1st – August 31st 2021



COVID-19 workload

Eziway’s KPI measure



Phone Calls

44,014 incoming calls answered

Answered <7 seconds


New Starters

2,450 activations processed

Processed <1 business day



1,531 entertainment claims processed

Processed <1 business day



10,859 amendments processed

Processed <1 business day



13,778 compliance docs provided  

Validated <1 business day


Vehicle Claims

1,660 Novated Leases claims processed

Processed <1 business day


New Vehicles

168 Novated Leases established

Processed <1 business day



148 company-provided vehicles added

Processed <1 business day


New Cards

2,055 new cards ordered

Delivered <10 business days



While the benefits to employees are evident, the thought of making such a change in the current climate can be daunting. How do you implement such a system across a network of 50 to 5000 employees?


Once again, the evidence speaks for itself. Since the beginning of the 2021 FTB Year, 21 new employer groups, with employee numbers ranging from 50 -2000, have successfully transitioned to Eziway Salary Packaging.


Customers that experience the transition from their current Salary Packaging provider comment on the seamless transition process utilised by Eziway.


“The transition was a very interesting one because it was obviously during the pandemic… still we managed to get through that transition very well… it was really positive. We were quite surprised how we managed to cover off the whole transition period. It was quite seamless and a lot of good information and communication throughout the whole process” – Michael Rasheed, Southern Cross Care (SA NT & Vic) Inc


“It was very good from the setup. We had Eziway come out to all our sites and see all employees individually… they had them all set up and ready to go. It was really easy for us” – Cathy Hibben, RAAFA (Air Force Association (WA Division) Incorporated).


Maintaining your competitive edge can be the difference to your long-term survival. Your employees form the backbone of your business. They are your greatest asset, your competitive advantage.


Salary Packaging is often an underestimated tool that gives you the ability to attract and retain the best of employees. Understanding how to take advantage of Eziway’s advanced technology and personalised customer service simply begins with a conversation.

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