How does a Novated Lease benefit me?

Did you know that you can benefit from the savings of a Novated Lease even if you don't buy a new car? Eziway offers various ways to enjoy these savings, including on a new car, a used car, or even your current car.

How can you do this?

Well, obtaining a Novated Lease on a used or current car is not significantly different from getting one on a new car. As long as your car is no more than 12 years old by the end of your lease, you are eligible to benefit from the savings offered by a Novated Lease.

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So, what Novated Lease will you choose?

New Car
If you’re after that new car smell, let Eziway’s national dealer network take care of the hard work. We do the running around to get you the best deal on your new car, take care of the paperwork and let you enjoy the savings.
Novated Lease New Car
Used Car
A used car is a great option to consider for your next vehicle. With optimal time to jump on depreciation savings, and the fitted extras on the vehicle, you can enjoy the perks of a ‘new car’ without the price tag.
Sourced a car yourself? Great. If not, Eziway’s national dealer network will help you find what you’re looking for.
Novated Lease New Car
Current Car
Not ready to part with your current car? No problem. As long as your car is under 9 years old at the end of the lease, the benefits of a Novated Lease are still waiting to be had.
Let Eziway show you how you can enjoy the tax savings of a Novated Lease without giving up your current ‘pride and joy’.
To find out if you can take out a Novated Lease on your current car, please complete the below:
Novated Lease New Car