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On November 23, 2021
What are the benefits of using Cloud based software solutions?

In the early 80’s VHS transformed the way we watch movies. The DVD of the 90’s significantly improved the quality, followed by the revolutionary Blu Ray in the 2000’s. And yet these advances seem archaic compared to watching a movie from ‘the Cloud’ via popular streaming services such as Netflix, Binge or Disney+.

Now all that we could ever view is conveniently available from the comfort of our homes, for a monthly fee that’s  less than what we would spend with one visit to Blockbuster. And DVD players are no longer required as everything happens via an App.

The same advances have been made in business software solutions. At one time the only options were software programs that sat on your own servers, managed by IT personnel. In today’s world software can live ‘in the cloud’ offering greater flexibility and affordability.

The ‘Cloud’ is not to be confused with a software solution that has a ‘web interface’. Such a system updates at given times each day, not in real time, leaving significant room for error. It would be comparable to a bank transfer that requires three business days to hit your account (web interface) as opposed to an immediate transfer of funds (‘the Cloud’). A true ‘Cloud’ solution is web-based software that can be accessed in real time from any location.

Eziway specialises in the provision of Cloud-based software solutions with great success. Programs such as EziBenefits, EziPay, EziCare, EziForms, and EziStaff, to name a few, have been well received by Non-for-Profit organisations. Our experience provides a unique opportunity to share our observations into this developing technology.

What are the benefits of using Cloud based software solutions?

Not on your server

Software that lives on your server requires space, ongoing maintenance, and regular updates. Add to that the license fees and staff to manage the process.

Software that operates within the cloud is managed by the service provider. The software lives on their server, they look after the updates and management of the software. It all happens seamlessly with no interruption to the workload of your staff, freeing up valuable resources.

Real Time

Not to be underestimated are the benefits of transferring data in real time.

It avoids a crossover of important information. We have all experienced a double booking in our calendar due to a lack of communication. The inconvenience caused by cancelling one of our appointments can be frustrating for all concerned. When systems do not communicate in real time the frustrations are amplified. Alterations to a roster, change in staff preferences, and many others, if not implemented immediately can create confusion and misunderstandings. Working within the cloud ensures real time functionality, avoiding potential problems.

Access 24/7

No matter where you are cloud-based software is accessible anytime, anywhere. There is no need to “wait until I get back to the office.”

Sales personnel on the road can view customer details and make updates. The staff roster can be viewed by both management and staff making immediate alterations as required. Care Management support can view participant details while visiting them in their home.

The greatest advantage is experienced during the Covid era. Staff can easily access relevant programs to fulfill job requirements, be it working from home or the office.

Mobile App Technology

Mobile apps downloaded from an app store, or a web interface saved as a button on the home screen of a mobile device, offer significant flexibility for both staff and customer. Working with software solutions that are cloud-based opens opportunities to develop such systems.

Staff can access and edit, personal details, salary packaging preferences, payslips, apply for leave, view and change their roster, and much more, all via a Mobile App.

Similar functionality exists for a customer based Mobile App. Customers can now view and edit information relevant to their personal needs, enhancing the customer experience while building loyalty to your brand. 


Who would have ever thought we would have been watching our favourite movies or TV shows via ‘the Cloud’? We may have been sceptical when the idea was first touted and yet we consider it as a regular part of life. The advantages and reduced cost are accepted as the new normal.

The advantages of Cloud based software speak for themselves. It opens opportunities that we may not have thought possible. An affordable solution offering greater versatility and availably while enhancing the staff and customer experience.

Eziway is about innovative technology. Providing cloud-based solutions that free up valuable time and results in an efficient use of resources. Understanding how to benefit from Eziway’s Cloud based software solutions simply begins with a conversation.


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