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On February 24, 2022
As we roll into the end of February, the holidays have well and truly ended, work has ramped up and the commotion is starting to settle, it is the time that many find themselves, reflecting on those new year resolutions and kick start some changes, behind the wheel of a new car.


Wish list checklist:

1. Cosmetics

2. Affordability

3. Finance

4. Practicality

5. Technology

At Eziway, we understand that buying a car is an exciting time. For many, it is the biggest purchase after a house, so it should be taken seriously. But what are the things that you should have on your wish list? James shares his thoughts.


Nothing confirms that you have picked the car that gets your heart racing, more than the “look back” after you have parked it and for me, it is one of the first things, I tick off my wish list. Tough, angry, solid-looking, go-anywhere 4x4s have me doing a double-take, but I’ll be the first to admit this is not always, for everyone and the sporty, the elegant, the aggressive or all of the above catch the eye instead.

The automotive market is flooded with options for cars in the same sub-category and my eyes, borderline excessive, with many manufacturers producing pretty much the same type of vehicle. For a buyer, this presents nothing but options. No longer must one settle on Commodore or Falcon as the practical sedan or Toyota Prado or Ford Territory as the family mover. The options are immense.


With cosmetics out of the way, we can move down on your checklist, to affordability. This is not limited to the purchase price.  Fuel, insurance, servicing, and the car itself all impact the wallet. Let’s start with fuel. Petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric vehicles make up just some of the vehicle options. So consider how you will use your vehicle.

Do you take long trips? Consider a diesel for the benefits of lower, capped price servicing. Or if you buzz around town, petrol/hybrid might be the way to go.

The vehicle you purchase is built to serve YOU its function is to provide a means for YOU to get whatever task YOU are undertaking done.


The next facet of affordability is finance. Will you take the personal loan route and pay all your running costs from your take-home salary? Or will you opt for the convenience of a Novated Lease, which budgets for your vehicle running costs, based on how much you will drive and how quickly you want to pay the car off? Your payments will come from a combination of pre and post-tax dollars to give you serious savings and peace of mind your fuel, insurance, registration and running costs are covered. I have said it before and I will say it again, DON’T shortchange yourself and contact us to find out more about how a novated lease works and how it may benefit you.


With affordability checked off your list, we look at practicality. All too often, I’ll be off the beaten track, only to see a family SUV, with highway tyres, tackling Billy Goats Bluff on a cold wet day. Choosing a vehicle that will suit your needs and desires should be a priority, one which I sometimes ponder as I maneuver my Navara in an underground, city carpark, making sure that I don’t turn it into the world’s first convertible dual cab. At the risk of sounding a little like Nick, practicality may include a peek into the future and if life’s journey is changing, picking a car that will follow that path. Looking to retire and tow a caravan around Australia? That sporty convertible may not be the ideal option. Planning a family? It might be a people mover or SUV instead of a zippy little hatchback.  


With all that taken care of, we finally tick technology off our list. Modern-day cars are loaded with safety features. What was once optional in premium models is now standard in lower-spec models.

One such example, which for me, has become a non-negotiable, is lane keep assist and as I tend to do some longer, night driving, features such as emergency collision alerts, give me some added confidence because you never really know if the person in front of you is planning to hand out a surprise.

Sticking with tech and our safety features covered, let’s consider creature comforts. If you are anything like my wife and me where she has the heater cranked no matter the weather and I set the AC to subzero, dual climate control is one of those options you can’t ignore. And features like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto make using a compatible phone for navigation, calls and music super convenient. The list of extra features can be endless and personal comfort is always something to think about when purchasing a car, as you always want to enjoy the car you’re driving.

In conclusion, when you are in the market for a new car, never settle because you think one car can’t tick all the boxes. You want the car you own to be the car you love and you’ll know you’ve picked the right one if you look back once you’ve parked it.

To find out more about a novated lease, what it is, how it works and how you can benefit. Contact the experts at Eziway or click here for more information.



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