The Employer Benefits of a Novated Lease with Eziway ensures your protection from FBT liabilities, attracts the attention of valuable staff helping you with employee retention by creating a 'stickier workforce' by adding a Novated Leasing option with Eziway.

Our leading technology integrates seamlessly with Payroll, Finance and HR and our experts are available on demand for complete transparency and ongoing support for your Stakeholders.

You are protected from any and all liability
Eziway guarantees you will never suffer an FBT liability by providing novated leases.
We help you attract and retain valuable staff
A Novated Lease option attracts the attention of valuable staff adding onto your existing benefits of attracting and retaining valuable staff with Eziway Novated Leasing.
Live Data and complete transparency
Your stakeholders, Finance, Payroll and HR can communicate with our experts on demand and have access to live integrated data at the touch of a button.
No noise from staff
Our Dedicated Service Model produces positive outcomes for your people at every stage.
Visibility of both categories
Our integrated administration system consolidates novated leases and salary packaging caps.
Owner operator
Our 500+ clients feel the comfort and accountability of dealing with a privately owned company.