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About eziway Salary Packaging

The idea of eziway began in 2006 when we surveyed a large number of Public Benevolent Institutions (PBI’s), church charitable organisations and public hospitals about their outsourced salary packaging experience. These survey results provided the eziway blueprint to develop a salary packaging experience that addressed these market gaps to provide customers with a higher quality of service.

The eziway blueprint:

  • Poor customer service by call centre
  • Inaccurate and delayed reporting
  • Lack of transparency for both employer and employee
  • No online tools, real-time reporting or regular updates
  • No education provided regarding workplace benefits
  • Dedicated Client Service Officer AND Dedicated Account Manager
  • Fully flexible arrangements
  • Personalised onsite services on a regular basis
  • Regular onsite employee information sessions, induction presentations and one-on-one interviews
  • Created a unique, web-based system with 24/7 online reporting for employer and employee
  • iPhone and Android applications

Since then, eziway has successfully implemented salary packaging solutions to over 200 employer groups and over 20,000 employees. eziway offers the most positive and complete salary packaging experience in Australia’s not for profit sector. Our purpose-built web-based system adapts to fit the needs of any FBT-exempt employer. That’s why we call it: One Simple Solution.

Our service is unique and specific to this business sector and have earned the reputation as experts in this field. As specialist salary packaging providers for FBT exempt organisation, we understand the needs of the organisations we work with. At the heart of what we do is a strong focus on employees. In fact we drive employee benefits, we understand that the most important resource of any organisation are your employees.

Our customer service focused management plan is unique. Each organisation receives a dedicated CSO and CRM to assist them with all enquires, no call centre approach is used. Another key factor to the service we provide is our industry leading cloud based technology with full mobility which is a testament to our continued innovation.

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Salary Packaging, or salary sacrifice, is an ATO approved method of restructuring your income to legally reduce the tax you have to pay. Depending on how much you earn and what you salary package, you can increase your take home pay quite easily.

Some items fall within a standard yearly cap (Living & Household expenses). The limit for these benefits is decided by where you work. Other claims fall under a different annual cap (Meal & Accommodation costs).

FBT Exempt Employers

The organisations where you may have an option to salary package are exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax. To keep it simple, we call them FBT Exempt and you’ll find this includes employers like:

  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Hospitals & Health Care
  • Aged & Disability Service
  • Community Health Care

eziway salary packaging services over 220 organisations across Australia. So if you work for an FBT Exempt employer, there’s a good chance you can start packaging with us right now.

ATO Approved Items

The Australian Taxation Office decides how much you can salary sacrifice and what’s fair to claim. That can be as varied as loan payments, laptops, holidays and car leases. So there’s plenty of flexibility in what you can package.

FBT Benefit Capping

Where you work will decide your annual Benefit Items limit. We’ll step you through the tax savings you can make. On both Living & Household expenses as well as Meals & Accommodation costs. Plus, because our packaging services are cap based, you’ll never go over by mistake.



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Employee Benefits

As an eziway customer, we guarantee you will experience and have access to the following:

  • Personalised service
  • Unrivalled flexibility
  • Powerful technology
  • ATO endorsed cards
  • Mobile applications
  • Entertainment benefits (Meals & Accommodation)
  • Laptop benefits
  • Superannuation
  • Rural area concessions
  • Employee reports

Salary packaging should be tailored to you. What you salary sacrifice depends on your needs and circumstances. So eziway offers you professional advice on-site, by phone and using website live chat. That way, you can make the most of your package and maximise the savings.

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Package a Novated car lease

Novated car lease

Dine out with meals benefits

Entertainment benefits

Enjoy holiday accommodation

Holiday accommodation

Remote area housing

Remote area housing

Claim laptop computers

Claim laptop computers

Superannuation savings

Superannuation savings

Employer Solutions

Salary packaging is a lucrative employee benefit. In fact, most hospitals and PBIs rely heavily on salary packaging advantages to attract and retain high quality staff. Yet, even with breakthrough technology in our banking, payroll and taxation systems, before eziway there was no simple method for FBT-exempt employers to process salary packaging benefits accurately and compliantly.

Additionally, inexpert program management can leave not-for-profit employers open to compliance risk and jeopardise FBT-exempt status.

eziway is the one simple solution

A user-friendly, easy access administration platform that organisations can trust to boost efficiency, rein in cost and improve service delivery. eziway is Australia’s only true web-based salary packaging system.

The result of innovative thinking

No prior industry consultation had occurred pre 2006, when we asked FBT-exempt employers for their vision of better salary packaging. The resounding response favoured a customer centric, ATO compliant and risk free solution.

eziway is built on those three pillars. An industry-driven triumph uniting best-of-breed technology, failsafe security and bank vault compliance. Plus, we deployed some fresh ideas to make salary packaging friendly and accessible for workers, regardless of location.

Outsourcing promises the compliance, flexibility and accuracy that not-for-profit employers desire.

Outsourcing with eziway is a genuine partnership with real organisation benefits. Our employee-direct services make enormous cost and efficiency gains, free up internal resources and introduce previously unknown compliance consistency. Only eziway offers automation accuracy to de-risk errors, true mobility of full-featured applications, unique vehicle FBT e-administration and on demand live data reporting. eziway prides itself on guaranteeing:

  • Customer-driven ideas
  • Pioneering system
  • Unrivalled support

Today eziway provides a customer focused service for 20,000 individuals from more than 200 employer groups. Our service, systems and innovations are hallmarks of the eziway brand.


West Gippsland Regional Healthcare Group
Northeast Health Wangaratta
Northern Health
Castlemaine Health
Churches of Christ Care
Uniting Care Life Assist
Living Care
St Laurence
Cobram District Health
Numurkah District Health Service
Yea District Memorial Hospital
Ballarat Health Services
Wintringham Aged Care


eziway possesses a unique blend of energy and ownership that all our customers love. This can be attributed to full Director Involvement and a dedicated ownership team that are across all business operations, driving business success.

eziway believes a real value salary packaging provider has versatility to fit seamlessly with your existing technology and business process. So our service experience is designed to be easy and streamlined, flexible yet powerful, dependable, compliant and fast. eziway outsourcing offers advantages like:

  • Latest pay run cut-off allowing changes up to 24 hours prior
  • Fastest Payroll handling times, typically 60 minutes or less
  • Australia’s most reliably accurate automated processing

Easy and streamlined

Easy and streamlined

■ Simple, user-friendly online interface
■ Handy online sign-up, setup and claims
■ Smoother workflow frees up resources
■ Downloadable data for easy analysis
■ Total visibility over salary packaging
Flexible yet powerful

Flexible yet powerful

■ Late cut-off up to 24 hours before pay run
■ Supports widest range of staff benefits
■ Integrates with existing payroll software
■ Capability to package casual workforce
■ More efficient for multiple sites/pay runs
ATO and FBT Compliant

ATO and FBT Compliant

■ Embedded limits to prevent overclaiming
■ Intuitive fortnightly benefit calculation
■ On demand live data GST and FBT reports
■ Company and leased FBT vehicle tracking
■ 100% compliance guarantee

Fast, accurate and reliable

Fast, accurate and reliable

■ Payroll processing time 60 minutes or less
■ Rapid 24 hour benefit claim processing
■ Power and precision of automated system
■ Guaranteed 99.5% technology uptime
■ Secure dual encryption data defence
Optimal efficiency

Optimal efficiency

■ Redirects all salary packaging enquiries
■ No need to cross-check spreadsheets
■ Eliminates risk of data keying errors
■ Reins in hours of in-house processing
■ Savings allow resource re-allocation
Award-winning service

Award-winning service

■ Freedom to package 24/7 from anywhere
■ Enables faster and easier communication
■ Dedicated Customer Service Officer
■ Convenience of multiple touch points
■ Range of handy self-service options

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