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Who We Are

Salary Packaging Calculator
Eziway is a boutique provider of

Salary Packaging

and Novated Lease services that specialises in FBT-exempt employers since commencing operations in 2006. We manage 254 employer clients nationally with 249 being FBT exempt. Our systems are dedicated to the faultless administration of this tax status and our dedicated service model is tailored in every case to meet the growing needs of each client. Eziway is a

Salary Sacrifice Company

that manages

Salary Sacrifice

packages for employees from Charity PBI’s, Public Health Service, Community Support and Disability Service providers nationally.
Salary Packaging Cards
Eziway administers from a sophisticated

Pay Calculator

all Group 1 and Group 2 benefits for full-time, part-time and casual staff. We have more than 20,000 salary packaging accounts under management and specialise in:
  • Novated Leases
  • Meal Entertainment
  • Payment cards
  • Venue Hire
  • Remote Area, and
  • The compliant inclusion of Company-provided Vehicles under the employee FBT cap

The System is Key

Our clients soon realise that the Eziway Administration System (EAS) is unique in the industry. EAS is a financially-rated account administration and

Salary Sacrifice Calculator

platform designed to manage the most complex salary packaging arrangement, FBT-exempt employers. It was developed by Eziway Software Development and is enhanced daily onsite to ensure our service remains compliant, efficient, transparent and auditable. It supports not only the faultless administration of all accounts by our staff, the transparent real-time reporting of every client’s program, but also makes self-service by employee clients a reality; it is impossible to create or amend an arrangement that is outside the caps-based compliance framework.

Wholly Integrated

All benefits-including Novated Leases-are administered by EAS to consolidate data and streamline reconciliation and reporting. Transactions are up-to-date to the second and no double-handling or exchange of data between systems occurs.

One ER Record and One EE Record

Our simplified record hierarchy provides our 7 operational modules access to a single common heritable and integrated data source. This reduces processing times and ensures accuracy.

Auditable Tracking

All transactions and amendments made in EAS, either by our staff, employee clients or customer stakeholders, are date and time stamped together with the operator’s login. This provides a comprehensive audit trail of every function.

Faultless Salary Packaging Module

The Salary Packaging module in EAS is caps-based making it impossible for employees to exceed their annual limit. EAS is the only safe and compliant system on the market in which employees can self-serve. Eziway has not recorded an FBT-liability for an employee client for more than five years.

Data for all benefits is managed in one integrated system which means errors do not ‘creep’ in as they do across multiple platforms. Reporting is fully integrated, whole-of-system enhancements are made without consideration for secondary platforms, and data is easily curated to provide:

  • Client stakeholders with Dashboard views of their programs including progress during Transition, performance against established KPIs, and transparency of all account information
  • Employees with Dashboard views of their packaging arrangement that filter critical information for ‘at-a-glance’ meaningful presentation.

All Eziway Dashboards permit drilling down on specific data for granular scrutiny for all Salary Sacrifice arrangements.

Granular Reporting 24/7

Salary Packaging Company

Client stakeholders in Payroll, Finance and HR have at their disposal a sophisticated and flexible reporting tool that EAS provides through the Employer Dashboard. Depending on the department, 21 standard reports are available for export to Excel format including:

  • Active Employees report
  • Previous Deduction Changes report
  • Substantiation Notification report
  • Deposit Transactional report
  • Payment Transactions report
  • Employer ITC report
  • Packaging Item Summary report
  • FBT Reconciliation report
  • Novated Lease Summary report
  • Participation Summary report
  • Company-provided Vehicles Report

If stakeholders wish to create ad hoc reports they can create their own datasets immediately by choosing from 149 tables of data using our Report Generator. This provides total transparency of your program in granular detail.

Dedicated Service Model

EAS logs data on all calls—inbound and outbound—and emails and claims for every client, capturing client name, employee, reason code and consultant. This enables us to accurately Salary Sacrifice administration benchmark operational workloads across our 254 clients and assemble dedicated and scalable service teams to meet predicted service levels for new clients.

Eziway does not operate an impersonal call centre environment. Instead EAS permits us to form dedicated teams of Customer Service Officers (CSO) to meet the precise needs of clients and their employees. Your CSO team will develop an intimate understanding of your policy and will be known to your employees by first name. This promotes accountability in our CSOs and familiarity and comfort for your employees.

Onsite Activity

Salary Sacrifice Company

The most effective way to increase participation in our clients’ Salary Packaging programs is to engage their employees in person with our simple to use Pay Calculator. Eziway provides onsite education activity to an agreed schedule. Employees can speak with an expert when investigating their options so questions can be answered that pertain to their particular circumstances. Our Customer Relationship Managers (CRM) are on the road conducting:

  • Group presentations
  • Inductions presentations for new starters
  • Skype meetings for remote sites
  • Scheduled 1-on-1 consultations booked online by employees
  • BBQ Lunch events
  • Coffee cart days, and
  • Car Days to excite interest in novated leasing

If stakeholders wish to create ad hoc reports they can create their own datasets immediately by choosing from 149 tables of data using our Report Generator. This provides total transparency of your program in granular detail.

Digital Journey for Employees

Our two online tools make it easy for new employees to register to salary package, set-up their benefit items if they choose, and book an appointment to meet one of our people onsite. When their arrangement has been established, they will interact with their account like never before using our Employee Portal and MyEziway App.

New Starter Portal (secure login)

  • Learn what benefits our Salary Sacrifice Calculator can provide,
  • Calculator to estimate savings
  • Calculator to model vehicle savings
  • Logon to Eziway Employee Dashboard
  • Contact details for Eziway

Employee Dashboard

  • New account establishment
  • Amendments, balances and card ordering
  • Submit claims and substantiation
  • Reporting including year-to-date FBTd
  • Real-time transparency of account

MyEziway App

  • Integrated salary packaging and novated leasing
  • Packaging details
  • Real-time transactions and balances
  • Access Discounts and Offers
  • Submit claims and substantiation

Digital Journey for Employers

Client stakeholders in Payroll, Finance and HR have complete visibility and oversight of their entire program 24/7 from Transition to in-contract via Eziway’s Employer Dashboard.

Transition Portal (secure login)

  • Track live progress of transition
  • Data cleanse and upload
  • Employees Registered, Pending, Active salary sacrifice arrangements
  • Benefits and documentation Validated
  • Communication

Employer Portal

  • Payroll Management and Reporting
  • Finance Management and Reporting
  • Corporate Reporting, year-to-date FBT
  • Accounts Activity
  • KPI reporting

Simplified Fee Structure

Owing to the efficiency of EAS, Eziway does not compound our fees by benefit type to recoup costs. We offer an all-inclusive low Salary Packaging fee which includes Meal Entertainment, Venue Hire and Remote Area benefits.

Why salary package

pay for everyday

Pay for everyday items using pre-tax dollars

Reduce your taxable income

Reduce your taxable income

Increase your disposable income

Increase your disposable income

What you could package

repayment new car

Repayments for your new car

Car running costs

Car running costs

mortagage repayments

Mortgage repayments

Rental payments

Rental payments

Credit Card repayments

Credit Card repayments

Personal loan repayments

Personal loan repayments

restaurent meals

Meals and Venue costs

Laptops & Notebooks

Laptops & Notebooks



vaious cost of living in remote areas

Various costs of living in remote areas

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