Salary Packaging Benefits

Salary Packaging with Eziway is simple to get started, easy to navigate and is even easier to save on Tax.

Below are the most popular benefit types and common living expenses being Salary packaged by our Australian Customers from the Not-for-profit sector.

Mortgage Repayments
Salary Packaging or Salary Sacrificing your Mortgage re-payments makes it easy to manage one of your major living expenses. Simplify your Mortgage the easy way by contributing your pre-tax dollars towards your Mortgage re-payments which can be made directly into your Mortgage or reimbursed into your nominated bank account.
Rent Payments
Salary Packaging your Rent expenses uses your pre-tax dollars to contribute to your rental costs, making rental payments easy. Salary Sacrificed rental payments can be reimbursed directly into your nominated bank account, simplifying a major living expense.
Personal Loans
Salary Packaging or Salary Sacrificing your Personal Loan makes it easier to manage one of your personal expenses. Salary Sacrificed Personal Loan re-payments can be made directly to your financial institution or as a reimbursement made direct into your nominated bank account.
Credit Card Repayments
Salary Sacrificing or Salary Packaging your Credit Card with your pre-tax dollars. This enables you to be reimbursed for a portion of your monthly Credit Card Repayments directly into your nominted bank account.
Portable Devices
Once a year you can Salary Sacrifice a portable device that is predominantly used for work purposes. This includes a Laptop, notebook, tablet or mobile phone which is included in your Salary Package.
Car Leasing
Salary Packaging or Salary Sacrificing can include the running costs of a new or used car with a Novated Lease through Eziway Novated Leasing.
Remote Living Costs
If you live and work in an ATO defined remote area, you may qualify for additional Salary Packaging or Salary Sacrificing Benefits. That extend your yearly tax savings even further.
Meal Entertainment
When you opt to Salary Package the Meal Entertainment Benefit, you may be eligible to claim an $2,649 in tax savings. This benefit is claimable against sit-down dining & holiday accommodation expenses.
Venue Hire
Included in your Salary Packaging or Salary Sacrificing Meal Entertainment benefit you can claim the costs of Venue Hire & Commercial Catering expenses when hosting your next special event.
Car Parking Expenses
If working for a registered Charity Car Parking expenses can be reinbursed from your tax free income when Salary Packaging or Salary Sacrificing the costs of metered parking, airport parking and commercial stations.
Relocation Expenses
If you are required to re-locate for an employer on secondment, you may be able to Salary Package or Salary Sacrifice moving costs that can include, stamp duty, advertising costs, legal fees, conveyancing and agent's costs including commissions. (conditions apply).
School Fees
Salary Packaging or Salary Sacrificing the Tuition portion of school fees and the out-of-pocket costs for childcare.

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Maximise your Packaging
Meal Entertainment and/or Venue hire costs can be Packaged in addition to the standard living expenses benefit.
Meal Entertainment includes:
  • cafés and restaurant meals
  • pubs or clubs meals
  • self catered events such as weddings, engagements and anniversaries 
Venue Hire includes the cost of:
  • hotel and motel accommodation
  • hiring of function rooms and facilities for recreational or entertainment purposes
  • all-inclusive holiday packages
  • cruise ship cabins fares and more
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