Delivering benefits to thousands of Australians

Eziway lives, breathes and plays cars. Our people have worked in the car industry and now put their passion to work for you, our buying power and relationships with car manufacturers and dealers delivers you unprecedented discounts, and our mobile technology puts you in the driver’s seat from the second you request a quote.

Eziway provides you choice

You can choose any car from any manufacturer you like. We can even provide you with a full array of insurance products from leading insurer's which can be bundled, tax-effectively, into your vehicle package.

Eziway’s leading administration platform

Our cloud-based Salary Packaging administration platform is the world’s leading Salary Packaging system. It integrates seamlessly with your payroll system to streamline payments at the push of a button. No more monthly invoices.

Eziway’s highly trained specialists

From our Managing Director down, our novated leasing team has on average 50 yrs experience in fleet management and car sales. They understand how to create the most tax-effective vehicle package for your needs and will provide you with a comprehensive Salary Packaging Impact Statement so you understand the true cost of owning and running your new car.