Eziway offers an easy way to bundle your Novated Lease benefits and lower your taxable income while saving on GST when purchasing a new car. With Eziway, you can enjoy ongoing savings with your Novated Lease. We assist you in selecting the best car, securing the best deal, and consolidating all running costs and lease repayments into one manageable instalment per pay cycle. By opting for an Eziway Novated Lease, you are in control of the lease experience. You can submit claims and amendments instantly, and our dedicated Lease Administrator is always available to provide assistance when you require it. Please check out our video below!

Lower your taxable income
Maximise your Novated Lease Experience with Eziway by bundling every car costs into affordable installments per pay cycle.
Save on the purchase price of your vehicle
Let Eziway Drive you to the Novated Lease Employee Benefits by saving you thousands in your purchase price as GST in not payable on new cars under a Novated Lease.
Eziway Peace of Mind
All running costs include Insurances, fuel, servicing, registration, tyres, roadside assist and repayments are bundled into one easy installment per pay cycle giving you complete peace of mind.
Search and save with Ezidrive
Ezidrive is the Industry's first National Dealer Network with live search, run out sales, dealer sales and our exclusive fleet discounts. Use your Novated Lease Employee Benefits of Eziway with Ezidrive
Be in the drivers seat
Eziway’s quote tracker makes it easy to accept and manage your lease quotes
One person contact
Eziway's Vehicle Administrators are industry experts and personally manage your Novated Lease experience from your initial enquiry to your final lease payment.
Same day claims
Your Eziway's Vehicle Administrators are industry process your claims and amendments the same day for ease and peace of mind
You have the sector’s leading technology at your fingertips
Live balances, full transparency on both our app and online portal
Our experts will come to you
We are where you want us, when you want us, both locally and nationally