Why choose Eziway?

At Eziway, we believe that the work delivered by people in the not-for-profit sector is crucial for supporting the most vulnerable members of our communities. Therefore, we prioritise delivering a personalised service model to ensure that everyone receives the Eziway Experience.

What is the Eziway Experience?

The Eziway Experience offers an industry-leading and easy-to-understand Salary Packaging program, tailored to your needs. Our pillars include Personalised Service, Compliance Experts, and Unrivalled Technology.

    Personalised Service
    Compliance Experts
    Unrivalled Technology
    Real Added Value

Personalised Service

We at Eziway make Salary Packaging easy and hassle-free for you. Our process is easy to understand and even easier to get started. With Eziway you will receive the Salary Packaging benefits without any unnecessary complications.

At Eziway, we believe that your staff deserves exceptional service for every phone call, every email, and every interaction they have with us. We are customer-centric and provide your staff with confidence in their Salary Packaging journey.

Our model ensures that your staff has direct access to their dedicated and qualified Client Experience Officer every time they need assistance. With Eziway, you no longer have to worry about being passed from one department to another or explaining the same inquiry several times. Our dedicated Client Experience Officers are experts in Salary Packaging, and they manage the start-to-end Salary Packaging administration for your entire organisation.

Our personalized service is scalable and can cater to organisations with 20 employees up to 10,000+ employees, providing confidence as your organisation grows and changes.

For over 16 years, the Eziway Experience has been the proven and trusted benchmark in Salary Packaging service excellence, leading the industry with Technology and Service.

Compliance Experts

For us, compliance is personal.

The single most important benefit of outsourcing your Salary Packaging program is compliance which mitigates risk against FBT liabilities.

We provide complete transparency to your key stakeholders with every element of your Salary Packaging program. We ensure protection from FBT liabilities through record-keeping ATO obligations on tax-free reimbursements made up to 7 years.

By providing real-time access to our unique employer portal, your key stakeholders can:

  • Access a substantial suite of Payroll & Finance reports
  • Corporate reports for complete account visibility
  • Employee account information to assist in answering queries for your Salary Packaging champions

Our Salary Packaging program receives an annual audit from FBT Taxation specialists, Grant Thornton, providing peace of mind and 100% confidence in everything from our FAQs through to our Calculators and platform.

Our platform is our secret ingredient. With over 16 years of continuous development, enhancement, and a substantial investment of over $15 million dollars, it is the reason our compliance is different.

Compliance starts from the beginning of the Salary Packaging journey, where, unlike competitors, we do not sign individuals up for benefits without substantiation. Eziway’s reimbursement framework works in synchronicity with our caps-based system resulting in an additional layer of compliance safety net.

Unrivalled Technology

Our partnership is built on technology. Eziway's technology ensures transparency and agility whilst not replacing the human element. Our tehcnology provides access to your Salary Packaging program with complete compliance, while protecting you from FBT liabilities.

Our Mobile App ‘MyEziwayAccount’ is the hero of our technology suite and was developed by our in-house software development team in 2008, the first App of its kind. We understand that your organisation which is why we've made our mobile app easy to use with 24/7 access to Salary Packaging benefits for you and your emplotyees. You can register your account quickly, and submit documentation and claims with ease with loads of other app features at your fingertips.

We take data security seriously and our cloud-based system is managed in-house to ensure full control over all facets of data security. Our platform is rigorously tested under various conditions by our software development and IT security team to guarantee your data remains safe and secure.

Real Added Value

Not only do your staff have access to the industry-leading system and service, but as your partner with a difference, Eziway opens the doors for additional benefits including:

Employee Value Proposition Partner

Eziway is committed to partnering with you to ensure your Employee Value Proposition maximises and delivers its key benefit, Salary Packaging.


Regular visits from our mobile coffee van and your dedicated Client Experience Manager with complimentary morning or afternoon tea. Creates an informal environment that brings your staff together and allows for further education on the benefits of Salary Packaging.

Training & Education Program

Eziway provides a substantial training and webinar program that provides access to education by delivering the following;

  • Key Stakeholder Training – Salary Packaging benefits, use of the system, FBT understanding & reporting functionality
  • Salary Packaging policy review
  • Key Stakeholder Webinars – Attraction & Retention Strategies
  • Novated Lease Education Sessions
  • Fleet Management Education – assists in managing Company Provided Vehicles & FBT thresholds
  • Staff Information Sessions & One-on-One – Client Experience Manager delivers personalised staff information sessions capturing shift changeovers

Financial Wellness Program

With access to experienced in-house loan brokers, Eziway offers expert advice and tailored solutions for Personal Loans.

SP Card Discount Program

Your staff has access to a range of discounts at major shopping retailers, all viewable within the MyEziwayAccount app.

Corporate Responsibility

Eziway is governed by corporate and social responsibility values and regularly commits to sponsorships and charitable endeavours that support the work you do.

EziDrive – Complimentary vehicle acquisition service

All staff will have access to a complimentary car purchasing service called EziDrive. Clients on average save 12.53% off the cost of a new car (Jan 2023).


Our innovative system gives your employees direct access to hundreds of car dealerships across Australia, all vying to give them the best deal on their new car purchases.

With over 16 years experiencing partnering with not-for-profit organisations, Eziway understands the commercial realties and your unique requirements on a day-to-day basis.
Here are some of our valuable partners who can highlight why Eziway are your Salary Packaging partner with a difference:

Customer Endorsements

Here are some of our valuable partners who can highlight why Eziway are your Salary Packaging partner with a difference:

Founding Partners

PBI Charities

Health Providers

Aged, Disability and Community Service Providers