Churches of Christ – NEST Program

On April 02, 2024

Eziway has proudly partnered with Churches of Christ since 2007 as their Employee Benefits Partner.

Eziway values the unconditional care Churches of Christ provide our community with charitable contributions in a profit share program that helps provide much-needed programs, workshops and education to participants in Queensland and Victoria.

Churches of Christ take pride in providing help, care, and homes to over 25,000 Australians each year across 100 communities. They are a not-for-profit organisation with almost 4,000 employees in Queensland and Victoria, oNering 200 diNerent services including retirement & aged care, foster & kinship care, family support, youth support, social housing, and Christian faith services.

Teaming up with OzHarvest and Mission Australia, Churches of Christ host a six-week program teaching adults about healthy eating and easy, aNordable cooking in a friendly and fun environment called NEST.

The NEST program teaches Churches of Christ housing residents new, easy, simple and aNordable recipes that are under $3 per serve.

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NEST is a program aligned directly with Australian Dietary Guidelines and sets realistic goals around healthy eating giving participants confidence in cooking healthy eating options in a cost-eNective scenario which provides the opportunity for lasting change in a participant's lifestyle.

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This type of program reflects the unconditional care and devotion Churches of Christ have to build sustainable partnerships with organisations that share common values for the community and make a significant change to the lives of disadvantaged Australians.

Synergy is a big deal to Eziway, strengthening and supporting the work the not-for-profit industry contributes to Australians is the core value in providing the ongoing support and services Eziway oNers its partners. We reflect our input on the not-for-profit industries' output and showcasing an organisation such as Churches of Christ and the benefits their programs have in improving a person's life long term is another core value we are proud to partner with.