Travellers Aid

On April 02, 2024

Travellers Aid has been a proud partner with Eziway since 2007. Eziway recognises and supports the ongoing growth and commitment that Travellers Aid has to over 4 million Australians living with disability by showcasing their ingenuity and innovative way of thinking.

Travellers Aid is a for-purpose organisation that has actively served our communities for over 100 years.

Throughout this time, they have adapted to the changing needs in society, empowering people by providing choice, independence and freedom to travel.

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Since 1916, Travellers Aid has been committed to providing access and inclusion for people experiencing mobility challenges and Eziways Community Showcase is featuring their hands-on approach to relevant challenges in travel. Travellers Aid has designed an admirable and successful awareness program for organisations looking to improve infrastructure, service, and project design and delivery in community open spaces and public transport.

The Customised Accessibility and Awareness Workshop is an innovative and unique program that offers valuable insights on how those living with disability, experience everyday travel and spaces in our public community.

What makes the awareness program truly unique and a remarkable success is that it is informed and co-facilitated by people with lived experience of disability who share their experiences and actively engage in an environmental simulation with participants. Creating compassionate learning and awareness that lasts a lifetime. This approach helps to foster a deeper understanding and awareness of the challenges faced by people with disability or mobility impairments and provides participants with the tools to design more inclusive environments and services. Communities and organisations benefit from this greater understanding and awareness.

During the workshop, participants engage in a simulated activity that challenges them to access a particular public space by using mobility equipment such as white canes, vision impairment goggles, and wheelchairs to simulate a physical disability. This immersive experience gives participants a direct view of navigating community spaces and travel with a disability.

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Travellers Aid supports our community beyond training and awareness workshops and programs offering connection assistance, luggage storage, companion services, mobility assistance at events and mobility equipment hire.

You can find Travellers Aid at Southern Cross Station, Flinders Street Station, Seymour Station and Ballarat Station. They also work with events throughout Victoria to support patrons with accessibility requirements.

As Eziway is at the forefront of innovative ideas that enhance the inclusivity planning and awareness for our future generations, community and like-minded organisations, we are showcasing Travellers Aid's Customised Accessibility Workshop to promote awareness in organising events, community planning, engineering, council planning and tourism to experience a new way of thinking that has a lasting impact for our communities.

For more information on training programs, services, locations or looking to get involved with Travellers Aid visit their website.