Challenge the status quo.
Eziway manages the salary packaging benefits program for almost 500 employer groups nationally
with more than 55,000 active employees Salary Packaging.
We are the partner with a difference.
With representation in every state of Australia, we have the resources and infrastructure to partner with medium – large organisations delivering a Salary Packaging program with a difference.
We pride ourselves on being Gippsland home grown with strong ethics that underpin the way we do business.
Experience the Eziway
Real people
Real people
In tune with your realities
In tune with your realities
Experts in our industry
Experts in our industry
Get things done
Get things done
Specialise in curly challenges
Specialise in curly challenges
The Eziway Standard
We believe your Salary Packaging program should include 3 pillars of service at a
minimum – regardless of what size your organisation is:
Personalised Service
  • Your calls answered in seconds
  • Guaranteed frequency of on-site service
  • Guaranteed dedicated Client Service model
  • Access to 1-1 interviews and staff information sessions (no matter what size your organisation is!)
FBT Expertise and Compliance
  • Unique employer portal
  • Transparency of service
  • Knowledgeable and experienced staff to assist you
  • In house tax, quality and compliance specialist
  • Grant Thornton stamp of approval
  • The latest technology to ensure an easy experience
  • Your salary packaging account in the palm of your hand through an APP
  • The strictest Cyber Security protocols to protect your information

How do we compare?

With Eziway, we have dedicated Client Service Officers that look after your organisation. This eliminates lengthy call wait times and ensures any enquiries are answered promptly and professionally within seconds.

Our excellent customer service will ensure complete confidence in all our product range and ensure a system that integrates seamlessly with your organisations needs.

What makes us unique?

At Eziway, technology is the driving force that allows us to be a leader in creating cloud-based platforms, along with delivering the most powerful, flexible and secure mobile systems.

Our system collects, processes and reports data in real-time, allowing you to make business decisions supported by data.