genU is one of the country’s largest disability and community service providers with operations in six states and territories. For genU employees, salary packaging was an important value proposition. However, with two different providers, one being Eziway, delivering salary packaging services to almost 50% of their workforce, genU sought to consolidate to a single provider. A key selection criteria for genU, was a providers ability to deliver high employee services and economies of administration for stakeholders.


Strong one-on-one engagement with genU employees across Australia, coupled with reliable and ease-of-use technology, accurate FBT reporting and faultless compliance and account administration, resulted in Eziway being selected as the sole provider for genU. An added challenge for Eziway, were the accounts that had been with the previous provider not being FBT compliant and failing to meet ATO guidelines.


Within a six-week period, Eziway successfully transitioned over 1,100 genU employees, carried out over 450 one-on-one interviews and almost 80 site visits through-out Australia. By systematically working through one employee account at a time, Eziway ensured genU had a compliant program that would withstand an ATO audit. Eziway developed a Transition Dashboard that kept stakeholders informed of the progress and assisted in overcoming several data issues inherited from the other supplier. As a result of Eziway’s proactive, transparent and reliable engagement, salary packaging accounts at genU increased by 11%.

"Eziway’s technology was always so reliable... I didn’t have to request reports... I ran them myself by data set and date range. What’s better is I knew the data was up-to-the-minute accurate."