Ambulance Victoria (AV) is a highly respected organisation with a strong brand reputation that supports more than 3,400 paramedics. Salary packaging and novated leasing are key components of AV Employee Value Proposition, which they actively promote when recruiting new candidates. When AV went to tender to appoint a new administrator for the 2019/20 FBT year they required a provider with a large market position, a technology platform to suit a highly mobile workforce and a service model to meet the needs of advanced participants.


Given the value AV places on their Salary Packaging program, Eziway understood the importance of delivering a platform that would provide accurate and timely data, allowing AV to make business decisions in real time. Eziway developed an administration system, which provides AV with complete oversight of their Salary Packaging program including the ability to drill-down to a granular view of an employee’s salary packaging account. From a reporting perspective, Eziway’s Employer Dashboard ensured AV stakeholders had a breadth of data at their disposal and the ability run reports based on live data. A Report Generator was developed to allow stakeholders to quickly generate custom reports from 149 tables of data.


Eziway delivered AV with a functional and innovative system that caters to their highly mobile workforce and provides full visibility of their Salary Packaging program. From the ability to run FBT YTD reports on live data at the push of a button, to the daily oversight it now has on Eziway’s contracted KPI performance, AV stakeholders in Finance, Payroll and HR enjoy 360-degree transparency of their program 24/7 via their individual dashboards on Eziway Portal. After a year with Eziway, AV believes it made the right choice.