COFC is a community organisation with a predominately part- time workforce, who viewed salary packaging as a big part of their employment incentives. COFC relied on the services of an outsourced provider, who worked in conjunction with a financial advisory service. Change from their current service provider was required due to the inefficiencies and mismanagement of accounts, which was creating a challenging work environment for COFC.


With a clear understanding that fostering an environment of trust and transparency was key for COFC, Eziway swung into action with a ‘road show’ focused on educating COFC staff about the benefits of salary packaging. By utilising various communication channels to engage with staff across multiple sites, Eziway facilitated a smooth and transparent transition from their previous service provider.


The initial road show initiative achieved a 98% participation rate amongst COFC employees and assisted greatly in the successful implementation of Eziway’s services throughout the organisation. Eziway quickly resolved the inefficiencies that were drivers for change and has continued to work with COFC on various improvement initiatives. Eziway has achieved a workforce penetration rate in excess of 30% over industry benchmarks.

“The biggest benefit has been any suggestions that we’ve made or ideas that we’ve had, have come to fruition."