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With Eziway you can be assured that you and your people are in a safe pair of hands. We understand the importance of delivering innovative approaches to assist in creating ease and transparency within your business. We achieve this by being:
Eziway has served FBT-exempt organisations since 2007. Of our more-than 450 Employers nationally, 98% of them are FBT-exempt. Our administration systems and dedicated service model are tailored to this complex tax arrangement.
Technology is the engine that drives Eziway. Our cloud based administration system is developed in-house and provides faultless salary packaging services. You and your people will tap into its power via our equally sophisticated portal and app. Live data and complete transparency, self-serve the Eziway.
Eziway is the only provider to have replaced the impersonal call centre with a Dedicated Service model. Each client has a team of highly trained Client Service Officers assigned to their people. They will return to the same team each time they call.

How do we compare?

With Eziway, we have dedicated Client Service Officers that look after your organisation. This eliminates lengthy call wait times and ensures any enquiries are answered promptly and professionally within seconds.

Our excellent customer service will ensure complete confidence in all our product range and ensure a system that integrates seamlessly with your organisations needs.

What makes us unique?

At Eziway, technology is the driving force that allows us to be a leader in creating cloud-based platforms, along with delivering the most powerful, flexible and secure mobile systems.

Our system collects, processes and reports data in real-time, allowing you to make business decisions supported by data.
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