Salary Packaging Salary Packaging Salary Packaging
Their pay goes much further

Pay for everyday items with pre-tax dollars

Their calls are answered in seconds

No more being kept on hold for hours

They return to the same familiar phone consultants

Each employer is assigned a dedicated team of Client Service Officers

Their claims and amendments are processed the same day

Gone are the days of waiting multiple pay cycles - everything will be ready by the next pay run

They will never suffer an FBT liability

With our system it’s just not possible. With Eziway they’re in safe hands

They have the sector’s leading technology at their fingertips

Live balances, full transparency on both our app and portal

Our experts will come to them

We are where you want us, when you want us, nationally and contractually

They minimise income tax and have more in their back pocket

Without you paying them more

They consult sector specialists

Our dedicated Client Service Officers are highly trained FBT specialists