Salary Packaging Salary Packaging Salary Packaging
Impeccable service eliminates ‘noise’ from staff

Our Dedicated Service Model produces advocates of our employee clients

Sector specialists mean we understand

98% of our more-than 400 Employers are FBT-exempt. Our service model is tailored to you

Eziway is owner-operated and accountable

We take personal responsibility for the service outcomes to you and your staff

Create a ‘stickier’ workforce

A positive Salary Packaging experience factors into staff employment decisions

Remain a preferred employer in your sector

Our impeccable service in this critical facility reflects positively on you

Our payroll process takes mere seconds not hours

Our faultless administration system integrates effortlessly with every payroll system

Reconcile by employee or whole program at any time

Live integrated data

Run pre-defined reports or create your own with our Report Generator

Our data is live, accurate and available to you 24/7