How Do I Benefit From
Salary Packaging?

Your pay goes much further
Pay for everyday items with pre-tax dollars
Your calls are answered in seconds
No more being kept on hold for hours
Your income tax is lowered - leaving money in your pocket
Without asking for a pay rise!
You return to the same familiar phone consultants
Each organisation is assigned a dedicated team of Client Service Officers
Your claims and amendments are processed on the same day
Gone are the days of waiting multiple pay cycles - everything will be ready by the next pay run
You will never suffer an FBT liability
With our system it’s just not possible. With Eziway you’re in safe hands
You have the sector’s leading technology at your fingertips
Live balances, full transparency on both our app and portal
Our experts will come to you
We are where you want us, when you want us, locally and nationally
You consult sector specialists
Our dedicated Client Service Officers are highly trained FBT specialists

Get more benefits from living remotely

If you live and work in a remote area you could save by salary packaging your housing repayments or rental costs, on top of your existing cap with the ATO approved Remote Area Benefits (RABs).
Who can package Remote Area Benefits?
To qualify for RABs you need to,
  • work for an eligible organisation
  • live and work in an ATO-designated remote area
  • be authorised by your employer to package remote area benefits
  • complete Eziway’s Remote Area Registration & Declaration form.
What exactly can be packaged?
As part of RABs you can package the following:
  • Rental property - Half of your private rental costs
  • Mortgage interest - 50% of your annual interest payments
  • Utilities - Half of the cost of your gas and electricity
  • Out of pocket expenses incurred from employer provided housing
Watch our RABs video or download the Fact Sheet to learn more about the advantages of this salary packaging benefit.