Why join a not-for-profit?

So you’ve taken the first step and started thinking about joining the not for profit industry. Aside from the wonderful benefits of having passion and purpose every day, let’s talk about the unique offering that only applies to the not for profit industry..
Salary Packaging!
The Australian government provides not for profit organisations with generous tax concessions to attract and retain a valuable workforce.
Organisations included in this generous entitlement are:
  • Public Benevolent Institutions
  • Health Promotion Charities 
  • Public Hospitals
One of the concessions for these organisations is exemption from Fringe Benefits Tax up to the following capped thresholds;
  • Public Benevolent Institutions and Health Promotion Charities ($30,000 grossed up)
  • Public Hospitals and Ambulance Services ($17,000)
What does this mean to you when applying for a role in the not-for-profit industry?
It simply means, that a portion of your annual gross salary can be salary sacrificed to reduce your overall taxable amount and increase your take home pay.
Here are some examples of the  potential tax saving  structures:
Public Benevolent Institution
Public Hospital
Annual Tax-Free Threshold
Meal Entertainment Cap
($30,000 Cap)
Annual Cap
($17,000 Cap)
Tax free Salary
Public Benevolent Institution
Public Hospital
You can’t buy piece of mind
HECS and Australian Government Payments (e.g. CSA) can often feel like a barrier to Salary Packaging, we help you to understand, calculate and simplify these barriers. Just as you would go to a surgeon for an operation, you come to Eziway for Salary Packaging. We have comprehensive tools, forms, and calculators available which we use to provide you with piece of mind.
NFP Salaries vs Private Sector Salaries
At first glance, your $50,000 private sector salary may seem loaded with benefits, however it’s important you understand your gross salary equivalent when considering a role in the Not for Profit industry.
To calculate your private vs not for profit sector salary, use our calculator below

Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) & Health Promotion Charity (HPC)

Private sector salary
: $50,000
Comparative PBI/HPC salary
: $55,185.94

Public Hospital

Annual Tax-Free Threshold
: $18,200
Private sector salary
: $50,000
Comparative public health salary
: $52,910.94
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