Transitioning to Eziway

Welcome to Eziway - Your new provider of Employee benefits!

For over a decade we’ve been at the forefront of developing and providing salary packaging services to the not-for-profit sector including charities, public health, community and disability service providers.
We strive to add value to your organisation by ensuring your transition experience to Eziway is both seamless and transparent.
With Eziway, our consultants can tailor a salary packaging arrangement based on each employee’s personal circumstances, which aims to reduce their taxable income and increase their take home pay, based on your organisations policy and industry.
We understand that your people, your most valuable asset, will have questions regarding the process and how they will benefit - let us answer some of these questions:
You will be required to log into your Employer Transition portal, confirm your contact details, nominate your salary packaging benefits and upload your BSB & Account details and supporting substantiation.
Your current provider will advise, through your employer, when your existing cards will be cancelled.
Your current provider will reconcile your account and then provide a report along with the remaining balance(s) to your employer. This may take up to 8 weeks.
You can purchase gift cards/vouchers to assist you in clearing the funds from your card before the card closure date.
With our Eziway Prepaid Card, you can access both Living Expenses, Meals & Entertainment Benefits all on one card. You also receive access to Partner discount programs that provide additional savings. Find out more about our Prepaid Card here.
Simply log into your Employee Portal to view your balance and transaction history via the MyEziwayAccount app or web browser.
Yes. There is an administration fee paid per pay cycle and if you have opted for an Eziway Prepaid Card, there is a once off issuance fee and monthly card fee stipulated by the card provider.
Payroll will be advised of your salary packaging setup through the secure Eziway Employer Portal.
Once Eziway receive the year to date figures from the previous provider, we will notify you if you have room to increase.

Novated Lease

You will be required to log into your Employer Transition portal, confirm your current lease arrangement and upload your lease documentation.
Your current provider will reconcile your account after your final pay with them and transfer any funds in your balance to Eziway (please note, this will take 6-8 weeks). We will then notify you once we receive the funds so you can start to submit claims for out of pocket expenses.
Upon your request, Eziway will order your fuel card. WEX Motorpass is Eziway's fuel card provider.
Fuel cards arrive active and ready for use, no need to activate. You can choose to set up a PIN by calling the number on your card.
Fuel cards take up to 10-14 working days to arrive from date of request.
Eziway will send you a Welcome Kit with information on the WEX Motorpass App that clearly outlines how and where you can use your fuel card.
Eziway will send you a Welcome Kit with this information, including claim forms. Submitting claims can also be done via our online portal.
Simply download the MyEziwayAccount App and log into your lease account to view your driver report and lease balance.
Please contact Eziway to organise comprehensive insurance through VERO to begin the process. If you have organised your own insurance, please provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency to
If you currently have roadside assistance or would like to add this benefit please contact Eziway to add this as part of your budgets.
If you have more questions about the transition process from your current provider to Eziway, contact our Salary Packaging team on 1800 932 394 to talk to one of our dedicated consultants who’ll be able to further assist you.
With the Eziway Salary Packaging Experience there’s a benefit to suit everyone in your organisation!