Eziway provides a unique salary packaging service Australia-wide

Eziway Salary Packaging has partnered exclusively with Australian not-for-profit employers since 2007 to help them create a compelling Employee Value Proposition. Our Salary Packaging solution caters for Australians and is straightforward to implement.

Our personalised Salary Packaging service, compliance framework, and technology have made tens of thousands of Australians Salary Packaging journey, the Eziway experience.


Why choose Eziway?

Eziway Salary Packaging values the work individuals contribute in the not-for-profit sector and how they support the most vulnerable members of our communities. This purpose is the primary reason we provide a personalised salary packaging service model, serving the not-for-profit industry and ensuring all employees receive the Eziway experience.

What is the Eziway Experience?

The Eziway Salary Packaging experience offers an industry-leading and easy-to-understand Salary Packaging program tailored to your needs. Our pillars are Personalised Service, Compliance Experts, and Unrivalled Technology.

  • Personalised Service
  • Compliance Experts
  • Unrivalled Technology
  • Real Added Value

Personalised Service

Since 2007, Eziway has been the proven and trusted benchmark in Salary Packaging, leading the industry with Technology and Service.

Eziway makes Salary Packaging easy and hassle-free. Our process is easy to understand and even easier to get started. Partnering with Eziway, you will receive Salary Packaging benefits without any unnecessary complications.

At Eziway Salary Packaging, we are customer-centric and believe your employees deserve exceptional service for every phone call, email, and interaction they experience with us, providing you with confidence across your Salary Packaging journey.

Our personalised model ensures that your employees can contact their Client Experience Officer when they need assistance. With Eziway, you no longer have to worry about long on-hold times, being passed from one department to another or explaining the same enquiry several times.

Our dedicated Client Experience Officers are experts in Salary Packaging and manage the Salary Packaging administration for your entire organisation from start to end.

Eziways personalised service model is scalable, catering to organisations with 20 employees up to 10,000+, providing you confidence as your organisations Salary Packaging needs change and grow.

Compliance Experts

For us, compliance is personal.

The most important benefit of outsourcing your Salary Packaging program is compliance that mitigates risk against FBT liabilities.

We provide complete transparency to your key stakeholders with every element of your Salary Packaging program. We ensure protection from FBT liabilities through record-keeping for ATO obligations on tax-free reimbursements made for up to 7 years.

By providing real-time access to our unique employer portal, your key stakeholders can:

  • Access a substantial suite of Payroll & Finance reports
  • Corporate reports for complete account visibility
  • Employee account information to assist in answering queries for your Salary Packaging champions

Our Salary Packaging program receives an annual audit from FBT Taxation Specialists Grant Thornton with Eziways guaranteed peace of mind and 100% confidence in everything from our FAQs to our Calculators.

Our technology platform is our secret ingredient. With over 16 years of continuous development, enhancement, and a $15 million investment, it is the reason our compliance is different.

Compliance starts from the beginning of the Salary Packaging journey. Eziway ensures all Salary Packaging benefits are substantiated from day 1. Eziways reimbursement framework works in synchronicity with our caps-based system with the added layer of compliance and security.

Unrivalled Technology

Our partnerships are built on technology.

Eziway's Salary Packaging technology ensures transparency and agility whilst enhancing the human elements. Our technology provides access to your Salary Packaging program with trusted compliance, protecting you from FBT liabilities.

Our Mobile App ‘MyEziwayAccount’ is the hero of our technology suite and was developed by our in-house software development team in 2008, the first App of its kind. We understand your organisation's requirements which is why we made our mobile App easy to use with 24/7 access to Salary Packaging benefits for you and your employees.

Our App offers features for quick self-registration and immediate submission of documents and claims seamlessly at your fingertips.

We take data security seriously.

Our cloud-based systems are managed and secured in-house to ensure control over all facets of data security. Our platform is performance and security tested and enhanced by our software development and IT security team to guarantee your data remains safe and secure.

Real Added Value

Partnering with Eziway Salary Packaging gives your employees access to industry-leading technology and service as your partner with a difference, Eziway opens the doors for additional benefits including:

Employee Value Proposition Partner

Eziway is committed to adding value to your employee benefits program by delivering industry-leading technology and service that attracts and retains valuable employees via our Eziway Salary Packaging experience.


Eziway tours the country with our #eventsmobile and Client Experience Managers to nurture the Salary Packaging experience. We provide ongoing education to you and your employees and encourage regular one-on-one appointments on-site.

Training & Education Program

Eziway provides a substantial training and webinar program that delivers education through the following programs;

  • Key Stakeholder Training – Salary Packaging benefits, use of the system, FBT understanding & reporting functionality
  • Salary Packaging policy review
  • Key Stakeholder Webinars – Attraction & Retention Strategies
  • Novated Lease Education Sessions
  • Fleet Management Education – assists in managing Company Provided Vehicles & FBT thresholds
  • Staff Information Sessions & One-on-One – Client Experience Manager delivers personalised staff information sessions capturing shift changeovers

Novated Leasing

A valued addition to your Salary packaging program with Eziway is our in-house Novated Lease experts.

Personal Loans

With access to experienced in-house loan brokers, Eziway offers expert advice and tailored solutions for Personal Loans.

Salary Packaging Card Discount Program

Your employees can access a range of discounts at major shopping retailers, all viewable within the MyEziwayAccount app.

Corporate Responsibility

Eziway are governed by corporate and social responsibility values engaging in Community Engagement Programs in Australia.

Eziways Give Back Program

Eziway engages in sponsorships and charitable endeavours that support the work the not-for-profit sectors do and offer our staff a chance to give back to our vulnerable communities and the people Eziway services.

EziDrive – Complimentary vehicle acquisition service

All staff will have access to a complimentary car purchasing service called EziDrive. Clients, on average, can save 12.53% off the cost of a new car (Jan 2023).

Our innovative system gives your employees direct access to hundreds of car dealerships across Australia, all vying to give them the best deal on their new car purchases.

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging minimises the tax you pay, leaving more money in your pocket.

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What can I Salary Package?

Salary Packaging minimises the tax you pay, leaving more money in your pocket.

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A Novated Lease puts you in the driver’s seat whilst maximising your income.

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A Novated Lease with Eziway includes:

  • Fuel
  • Tyres
  • Insurance
  • Registration
  • Running Costs
  • Finance Repayments
  • Service & Maintenance
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Navigating a Novated Lease the Eziway

Step one
You choose your new car
Discuss your options with an Eziway Leasing expert consultant and get a quote. Call us on 1800 932 394 or use ourNovated Lease Calculator
Step Two
We get you the lowest price
Return your signed quote to Eziway and let us do the leg work. Email us at
Step Three
We set-up your lease
After we obtain finance and your employer’s approval, we’ll contact you to arrange a suitable time to pick up your new car.
Step Four
You enjoy the savings
You drive away in your new car. Enjoy the benefits of your new lease, which range from tax savings to discounted fuel and so much more.

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