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Salary packaging helps make your pay go further.  eziway structures your wage so that household expenses can be paid before tax and gives you easy ways to access other program benefits.

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Novated car leasing is simpler than you think.  Get the car of your choice and wrap in extra warranty or car care expenses.  Then save time and money with a convenient pre-tax wage deduction.

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Provide this desirable employee benefit and save hours of payroll administration.  eziway professional salary packaging services keep compliance risk low and program participation high.

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Enjoy all the eziway benefits and manage your packaging program in-house.  Licensing is ideal for employers with larger payrolls who need a simple solution to salary packaging administration.

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Easily see the benefits! Use our online calculators to see how much you could save.

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Our system, your solution.

eziway uses technology to make salary packaging easy to understand, easy to get started  and compliant for FBT exempt employers.  Our secure web-based system streamlines the process and saves payroll and finance hours. The custom-built solution adapts to any FBT exempt organisation that needs a risk-free program.  It’s backed by tax expertise, IT innovation and a vision to make outsourcing easy.  eziway professional services include:

Personal service tailors each package to suit individual employee needs.  A range of user-friendly tools make claim submission quick and easy.

eziway boosts program participation with a an onsite personalised service approach. The unique multi-user data platform allows processing right up until each pay run.  Real time account management activity dashboard reporting functions are available 24/7 on-line to make KPI and vehicle tracking simple.

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