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eziway Leasing was formed after surveys and market research were conducted into the car industry and people’s satisfaction with the car buying experience. This research was conducted by the eziway Group and eziway Leasing was formed in much similar fashion to eziway Salary Packaging. The management team of eziway Leasing shared 11 years of car industry experience and 6 years of fleet management experience prior to eziway Leasing forming in 2008. This industry experience coupled with customer feedback formed the basis of eziway Leasing.

Since then our goal has been to make novated leasing friendly, accessible, compliant and simple. Our novated car leasing service can be as complete as you choose. In fact, a full service packaged car lease may include maintenance options, extended warranty and roadside assistance. Plus, eziway makes buying your new car simple with attractive monthly deals.

Much like all eziway Group companies, eziway Leasing has a blueprint for our service:

  • Great customer service and people
  • Greater choice of finance companies and motor vehicle suppliers
  • 24/7 system access to comprehensive vehicle reports
  • Independent analysis to provide you with all the information to make an informed decision

eziway Leasing is committed to providing all its customers with a complete, compliant and easy novated car leasing experience. Simplicity and cost-effectiveness is at the heart of what we do and eziway Leasing put in the work to ensure you receive the maximum tax benefit available to you.

eziway is renowned for its customer-driven approach. That’s been a group cornerstone since before the inception of its ground-breaking web-based system. Since launching its innovative platform, eziway has continued to nurture a customer-service culture. Above all, this drives the positive customer experiences that distinguish the eziway group.

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"Benefits like Novated leasing play a vital role in enticing talented candidates and help stimulate long employee tenure."

Novated car leasing empowers organisations to be recognised as an employer of choice. Just by extending this lucrative employee benefit. Important benefits for employers also include:

  • Off balance sheet – Novated lease vehicles are not recorded as an asset or liability to the organisation.
  • GST rebate – Employers are able to claim input tax credits on lease and other payments.
  • Income tax deduction – Possibility of claiming lease and other payments as deductions, for tax paying entities.
  • Company vehicle alternative – Better way to mobilise your workforce and offer employees added value.
  • Low risk – Lease reverts to an employee/financier agreement should the staff member off-board.
  • Your choice – Available as stand-alone novated car leasing or part of a salary packaging program.

Our vehicle module introduces the consistent process required for quick, easy, and accurate vehicle administration, while keeping all salary packaging support under one roof.

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Novate simply means to substitute. In the case of a salary car lease, the employee transfers (novates) lease obligations to their employer. It’s a straightforward arrangement between employee, employer and financier. The employee agrees to salary sacrifice pre-tax income and the employer agrees to pay finance instalments on their behalf.

An eziway novated car lease is quick and easy to set up. You’ll get several competitive finance quotes and qualified advice from our expert team. So you hit the road to salary car leasing with clear vision. Some of the benefits of car leasing include:

  • flexible choice of car, including new or used vehicles
  • pay for fuel and servicing costs in pre-tax dollars
  • more net pay because car running costs are already paid
  • no more monthly instalments with pre-tax salary deduction

Leasing a car with eziway guarantees that you will receive:

  • unrivalled support
  • a pioneering system
  • customer-driven ideas
  • client-driven innovation
Car Leasing Deals


A motor vehicle is one of life’s biggest purchases. So naturally you want to take the best care of your new car. To protect its resale value and ensure any novated car lease payout is covered.

eziway knows life doesn’t always go according to plan. So we offer a range of extra care options to package into your car lease. These affordable products are provided through a corporate partnership with National Warranty Company (NWC). To help you guard against the financial fallout of unexpected events, ask us about:

Extended Warranty

If your car breaks down after the maker’s warranty expires, you’re on your own. If it’s a serious problem, repair costs can quickly run into the thousands. An extended warranty can cover you for the full term of your novated car lease. So you won’t need to make salary packaged lease deductions and find repair costs too.

Used Vehicle Warranty

The statutory warranty on used cars is short term. For vehicles that break down after three months there’s typically no cover at all. That could leave you with a packaged car lease deduction, funding repairs and paying for alternative transport. The good news is used car warranty cover is available for approved used vehicles.

Gap Cover

It’s bad enough to be involved in a serious car accident. If your new car is a write-off, there can be even more pain. Especially if the insurance doesn’t cover your novated lease payout. Gap cover provides the extra money you may need to finalise a packaged car lease. It can lessen the financial burden when you’ll have plenty of other expenses.

Premium Roadside Assistance

No driver should be without roadside assistance. Even when the manufacturer provides initial cover, that doesn’t last forever. If your battery goes bung or the petrol gauge plays up, you can find yourself sitting on the kerb … or beside the highway. A breakdown away from home can mean an expensive tow to the nearest authorised repairer. eziway car care options give you cost-effective peace of mind.


Benefit of choice

Benefit of choice

■ Finance under annual FBT cap or post tax
■ Lease a new, used or current motor vehicle
■ Select from fully maintained or finance only
■ Find your car or take advantage of our deals
Clear and unbiased

Clear and unbiased

■ Full disclosure of lease cost breakdown
■ Panel of lenders bidding for finance deals
■ Responsible lending based on affordability
■ Competitive premiums from non-aligned insurers
ATO and FBT Compliant

ATO and FBT Compliant

■ Company and leased FBT vehicle tracking
■ Mobile, online or form odometer updates
■ On demand live data vehicle reporting
■ 100% compliance guarantee

Rewarding added value

Rewarding added value

■ Access to generous dealer fleet discounts
■ Proactive driver Km reading update alerts
■ New vehicle acquisition service referrals
■ Extra insurance and car care options
Simple and adaptable

Simple and adaptable

■ BYO comprehensive insurance policy
■ Choose any term from 12-60 months
■ Pick a residual within ATO value range
■ Opt in or out of residual insurance
Guided transition

Guided transition

■ Established transition system and process
■ Lease reconciliation on handover
■ Guide employees throughout transfer
■ No transition cost

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