Salary Packaging Salary Packaging Salary Packaging

Pay for everyday items using pre-tax dollars.

Salary Packaging makes it possible to pay for selected everyday expenses from your pre-tax salary.
It reduces your taxable income and puts more money in your pocket. Salary Packaging is an ATO approved method of restructuring your salary.
Here are some examples of the potential tax saving structures:
Public Benevolent Institution
Public Hospital
Annual Tax-Free Threshold
Meal Entertainment Cap
($30,000 Cap)
Annual Cap
($17,000 Cap)
Tax free Salary
Public Benevolent Institution
Public Hospital

So how does salary packaging work

When you Package, money for certain personal expenses (called benefits) is deducted or ‘sacrificed’ from your salary before tax is taken out. You then only pay tax on the remaining portion of your salary.
Contact us to discuss your eligibility to Package and how much you can save given your individual circumstances.
*These tax savings are an estimate only.